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Commercial janitorial & maintenance services
COVID virucidal fogging & decontamination cleaning
Floor deep clean,
stripping & waxing

Gulfside provides commercial janitorial cleaning and maintenance to Galveston, Texas City, League City,  Friendswood, Houston and all surrounding cities and communities. From dentist offices to banks, daycares to museums, and everything in between...we can and have cleaned it. We are a contract-basis commercial cleaning company offering daily, weekly or monthly arrangements to fit your needs. We are fully insured and bonded. We can also offer GREEN products and services if needed.

Using our knowledge of the products and methods we implement during hurricane remediation, we now offer COVID-19  virucidal fogging. The virucidal agent is turned into a mist (fog) that remains suspended long enough to kill any airborne viruses. It also eliminates pathogens on surfaces including ceilings, walls, furniture and floors. The advantage of fogging is that the virucidal agent can reach and sterilize areas that conventional cleaning can’t.

We can also also provide one-time decontamination deep cleanings using virucidal disinfectants. All applicable surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, especially high-touch areas, horizontal surfaces and common areas.

Have you looked closely at your tile, wood or laminate floors lately? It's very likely that the high traffic areas, or even all the areas, could use a deep clean and shine. We offer top scrubbing, buffing, stripping, waxing, pressure washing and deep stain removal.  If appearance is important to your business, having a bright, shiny floor is that great first impression your customers or clients will appreciate. Some office floors have not been buffed or waxed in years - some of our clients have said that it's like get a brand new floor after we come in with our magic floor machines.

Window washing
& carpet cleaning

If GCS is your regular janitorial services, basic interior window cleaning is included in your contract. But we also offer advanced window washing for exterior or difficult to access windows. Carpet cleaning is also an additional service we provide our customers. If your business has carpets anywhere, you know what dirt magnets they are. Whether it's a small stubborn stain or an entire floor, we can get your carpet looking and smelling better than it has in years.

Post-storm or post-hurricane clean up

Living on the Gulf Coast, storms are a reality we have to live with and plan for. Sometimes after a large storm, especially hurricanes or tornadoes, the job of cleaning up your building is something you and your staff cannot handle yourselves. And in the cases with dangerous debris or mold, professionals should be the ones coming in to clean up. We have the training and equipment required to facilitate any post-storm cleaning needs; including dehumidfying, sheet rock removal, debri removal, mold removal and more.

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